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Global hydraulic product specialized in manufacturing company set industrial fluid product development,
  technial service and manufacting in one.

  Flameproof DC motors C Series had been expressly designed for a fully reliable operation and in conformity of safety prescriptions as requested by the regulation in force for electrical installations in dangerous environments. The motors are certified by CESI (Centro Elettrotecnico Sperimentale Italiano ) according to the Directive 94/9/CE (ATEX):


 ● Standards:IEC 60034
 ● Supply:3-phase, 1-phase, batteries, Ward-Leonard group, chopper
 ● Insulation:Class H
 ● Temperature rise:Class H, F, B
 ● Ambient temperature:-20°C - +40°C
 ● Altitude of installation:Minimum stocking temperature: -40°C
 ● Max. skin temperature:Maximum working temperature (with derating): 60°C 1000masl max (up to 4000masl with derating) +200°C (class of di tempera ture T3)
 ● Balancing:class G2,5 (ISO 2373)
 ●Type of cooling:IC411 ( IEC 34-6: self ventilated totally enclosed motor, frame externally cooled)
 ● Mounting:according to IEC 34-7
 ● Main terminal box:at left side, viewed from DE


 ● Mineral
 ● Oil and gas
 ● Coalpower
 ● Aeronautic
 ● Paper industry