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 SFO series fuel screw pumps are designed for light and heavy diesel oil transportation and pressurization. They can be equipped with homemade ordinary or explosion-proof motors, as well as various classification society certificates and API 676 petrochemical certification. It can be used to transport fuel oil for high pressure boilers, ships, turbo boilers, medical and health industries, including: marine gasoline, marine diesel, heavy fuel, automotive gasoline, boiler fuel and so on. With the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, low pressure fluctuation, no leakage and so on, Helingco can provide a complete set of solutions according to the needs of users.


Magnetic coupling 100% no leakage


Technical characteristics:
 ● Medium viscosity minimum is 1cst, the highest.1000cst 
 ● Maximum pressure reached80bar
 ● Flow range:0-250L/min
 ● Magnetic coupling 100% can be used without leakage.
 ● Certificate of classification society such as CCS, RINA, ABS, LLOYD, BV can be provided.

Application area:
 ● Ship fuel barge
 ● Boiler ignition system
 ● Heavy oil supply unit
 ● Heavy oil separation unit
 ● Fuel supply for diesel engine
 ● Airport refueling vehicle matching
 ● Refueling machine matching