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Global hydraulic product specialized in manufacturing company set industrial fluid product development,
  technial service and manufacting in one.

 SMTHA Series Three Screw Pumps are designed and developed for the machine tool industry. They have the characteristics of high pressure, large flow, heavy load mechanical seal, no leakage, low noise and so on.
  Mainly used in CNC CNC machine tools (grinders, machining centers, deep hole drilling and other machine tools and equipment) cutting fluid, coolant, emulsion pressurization system, filtration cycle and conveying system and other fields.

Technical characteristics:
 ● Maximum pressure100bar
 ● Minimum viscosity of medium2 cst
 ● Low noise
 ● Low pressure pulsation
 ● Wide range of traffic
 ● Complete supply
 ● Easy installation


Technical data:





Nomal shaft and hollow shaft

Oil connections

GAS and SAE3000 flange


ISO 3019/2-IEC standard

Drive loading

No axial or radial loads

Shaft rotation

Clockwise viewed at shaft end

Shaft speed

300 - 3600rpm


0 -  0 - 6000 L/min

Outlet pressure

40 bar

Inlet pressure

From 0.7 to 3bar (10bar option)


Mineral oil HLP and HLVP

Ecologic fluids HETG-HEPG-HEE

cutting fluid

HFA oil-water emulsion - oil minimum 5%

HFB water-oil emulsion < 40%

HFC water-glycole - water max 35 to 55%

HFDR phosphate ester

Special synthetic fluid:MIL-H、SKYDROL;special on request


From 1 to 2000cst

Working temperature

From -20 to +180℃

Ambiente temperature

From -20 to +60℃




NBR、FPM、EPDMHeavy duty mechanical seals

Pump body

Extruded aluminium alloy,cast iron,carbon steel,hardened steel


Steel for primary screw,cast iron for secondary screw

Noise level

From 54 to 65dB(A) at 2750rpm base on IS04412


SMTHA series of three-screw pumps are mainly used for machine tool industry equipment cutting fluid, cooling oil pressurization, cooling cycle and transportation, especially high-pressure demand equipment, such as:
 ● High speed grinder
 ● Deep hole drilling machine
 ● CNC machining center