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  SMU Series Screw Pump is a reliable, low noise device that needs to be immersed in the tank and is suitable for applications requiring long service life and low cost, such as household elevators and elevators. It has the characteristics of small volume, low noise and stable operation, and occupies a high proportion of hydraulic elevator units in Europe and America.




Common installation form

Technical characteristics:
 ● EU industrial standard
 ● 80 bar working pressure
 ● Low noise
 ● Small pressure pulsation
 ● Compact structure
 ● Various installation methods are optional.
 ● Immersion installation
 ● Long service life


technical data




Installation form

Standard shaft or hollow shaft

Oil port connection standard

Bspp螺纹或sae Gas & nbsp; & nbsp; 3000 & nbsp; 焊接式法兰

Standard for connecting flange of pump body

Conform to ISO  3019/2-IEC standard (and hollow shaft).

Drive load

No axial / radial load

Rotation direction

Turn clockwise from the direction of the pump shaft.

Speed range

300 - 3600rpm

Flow range

0 - 1200L/min

Maximum working pressure

80 bar

Absolute pressure of suction port

0.7 to 3bar (maximum pressure 10bar optional)

Medium type

Mineral oils HLP and HLVP

Vegetable oil HETG-HEPG-HEE

High viscosity lubricating oil

Medium viscosity range

4 to 2000cst

Working medium temperature

-20 to +100 C

Ambient temperature range

-20 to +60℃

Filtration accuracy

Oil suction port 250? M pressure oil outlet 40-25? M optional

Sealing material


Material of pump body

Alloy aluminum (cast iron, carbon steel optional)

Rotor material

Special hard alloy steel

Cleanliness of oil

Conform to NAS  1638 standard 10 level   or ISO  4406  19/16  filtration ratio is greater than 75.

Noise level

Speed 2750rpm, 58-75dB (A), test standard IS0  4412


Application area:
SMU series three screw pumps are widely used in hydraulic power supply, lubrication and cooling applications, such as:
 ● Hydraulic elevator
 ● Lifting machinery
 ● Stereo garage
 ● Gear box
 ● Compressor
 ● Test equipment