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Global hydraulic product specialized in manufacturing company set industrial fluid product development,
  technial service and manufacting in one.

  ECM series are copper and steel construction,and aluminum fins. Features:
 ● Compact Size
 ● High efficiency finned bundle design
 ● Low cost
 ● Optional built-in relief bypass
 ● Up to 400 horsepower
 ● Flow rate up to 300 l/min
 ● Removable End Bonnets for easy tube cleaning
 ● High Pressure Ratings
 ● Complete Line of Accessories Available


Technical data
 ● Maximum pressure/Shell side 500 psi
 ● Maximum pressure/tubeshell side 150 psi
 ● Maximum temperature 250°F


EKTM series in-tank Cooler:
 ● EK Style & Size
 ● High efficiency finned bundle design
 ● Serviceable
 ● SAE or BSPP connections available
 ● Internal oil flow bypass relief
 ● Removable