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  PF series gasket and plater heat exchangers are a compact, serviceable design and flexible cost saving alternative. The unique designs produce high heat transfer coefficients for a given application. Large heat exchanging surfaces in a very compact, space-saving frame. Low temperature approaches/differences. Capable of handling large volumetric flows with low pressure drops.Double sealing design prevents the possibility of mixing the two process fluids. Readily expanded for greater capacities.


 ● Sixteen kind of plates
 ● Size range from DN32 to DN200
 ● Oil to water applications
 ● High performance
 ● Can be disassembled for internal cleaning
 ● Plates can be added /removed to accommodate change in performancen
 ● Medium to very high flows
 ● All plates are stainless steel
 ● PED / ASME / CRN codings available
 ● Special plate material options: Titanium/Hastelloy /SMO-254 / Nickel
 ● Special gasket material options: High Temp NBR (150 C) / EPDM / FPM / PTFE
    ● Plate profile options: a deep gap, lower pressure drop plates for high viscosity fluids


 ● Design Pressure 150 psi
 ● Test Pressure 195 psi
 ● Design Temperature 230°F
 ● Minimum Working Temperature 32°F


 ● Metallurgy
 ● Cement industry
 ● Hydropower
 ● Coalpower
 ● Oil and gas
 ● Ship
 ● Test stand
 ● Hydraulic presses
 ● Extrusion machinery
 ● Gear boxes