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2015 HELNCO outreach activity

Date:2019/02/27 18:40


   All the employees of HELNCO participated in the outreach activity with the theme of treasure hunt from August 21 to 22, 2015 in order to better stimulate their work passion, establish the positive communication, mutual trust and solidarity and cooperation between them, cultivate their team awareness,improve their sense of responsibility and belonging and show the elegant appearance of HELNCO.

  In the afternoon of August 21, we were packed and ready to go to the Jingxi Eighteen Pools Scenic Spot, thus beginning the outreach activity with the theme of treasure hunt. The outward training is aconstant value-added process to nurture team dynamics and promote the organization growth, and also a set of outdoor experiential simulated training designed to meet the requirements of modern team building.At 5 o'clock p.m., we arrived at the destination and began the outdoor picnic and campfire party at Yongding River.   Before the formal training at 9 o'clock a.m. of the next day, the coaches found their own partners to complete theteam distribution according to their own pattern, including the Black Swan team, King Kong team and Miracle team.Then all the staff compete in the queue display (Macho man and princess/loli), team ice-breaking, team building, national treasure, brainstorm,tacit understanding and other activities under the guidance of coaches. The strength of all the teams is equally matched. However, we do not compete for the winner, but see what we can obtain and perceive in this process, and think how the old work pattern and behavioral model hinderour work and how the distortion of message transmission influence the execution. Through this outward training, every one see his own strength and weakness. Meanwhile, we know each other better and feel the importance of cooperation and communication, which lays good foundation for the future work. We learn from the actual practice, change in the experiential learning, benefit a lot and have more reflections on life. After experiencing the success and joy brought by the dedication, cooperation and courage, all of us deeply feel the essence of "Responsibility, Cooperation and Confidence" and the responsibility to be undertaken as a team member. Now, under the intense work stress, We get close to the nature, enjoy the green mountains and rivers, open our mind, improve the work efficiency and motivate the work passion and positivity, laying solid foundation for the humanities construction and sustainable development of our company.

  In this activity, we realize the importance of coordination, unified command and effective execution to the efficient achievement of team targets during the continuous growth; the importance of team cooperation to overcome the objective difficulties; the special value of each member in the team. The activity is satisfactorilycompleted with our active involvement. The employees in the training clearly see their own and the team's blind spots, and effectively develop their own and the

team's potentials during the process of experience so that the employees' team cooperation consciousness is strengthened, the cohesion and effectiveness are improved and Hylinco's youth and vigor and elegant appearance are presented. In the final share of outreach activity, our company leaders and team leaders conducted a comprehensive analysis and summary, and told us the meaning of this activity and how to apply this spirit in our work and life. The outward training is short, but gives us a profound inspiration: Understanding, trust and communication between members, team cooperation, reasonable overall planning and personal mastery. Each member has achieved breakthrough in the mentality and physical strength. We believe we can create new achievements continuously in the future work.