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Global hydraulic product specialized in manufacturing company set industrial fluid product development,
  technial service and manufacting in one.

Job Title:Sales Engineer

Job description::

1、To complete the sales task according to the set sales target

2、To observe, analyze and judge the customers' requirements accurately

3、To visit the regular customers periodically, keep effective communication with the customers and provide the solutions according to the customers' requirements

4、To sign and track the sales contracts and ensure the sales contracts can be completed successfully

5、To track the customers' feedback for the products, and communicate with the sales department of the company to maximize the customers' satisfaction

6、To analyze the market requirements and provide the opinions and advices for the company's sales strategy

7、To track the accounts receivable of customers, and supervise their credit rating

8、To manage the customer archives 9、To communicate and coordinate with the relevant departments to ensure the orders can be completed successfully


1、College degree or above, and the major of Mechanical & Electrical Integration or Machinery Manufacturing preferred

2、More than 2 years of sales experience; the applicants with relevant sales experience in the equipment machinery, metallurgy, power equipment, mining machinery and other industrial fields preferred, and the applicants familiar with the relevant channel resources in the region preferred

3、Have strong market development and business negotiation capabilities

4、Have strong interpersonal relationship coordination and communication, problems solving and judgment and analysis capabilities

5、Strong learning ability and willing to understand the latest knowledge of products and industry trends

6、Work with passion and bear the work stress

7、Analyze the sales data using word, excel, PPT and other office softwares skillfully and have the network knowledge

Please email your resume to:info@helnco.com.cn